Our Limited Lifetime Tree/Shrub Warranty

Reems Creek Nursery offers an amazing Limited Lifetime Tree and Shrub Warranty.

We guarantee our trees and shrubs at Reems Creek Nursery, Inc. because we have gone to great lengths to provide high-quality plants. We want to help make your gardening experiences great! In the event you have questions about your plant purchase or plant care, please let us know.

Water newly purchased plants that are still in the container daily until planting time. Failure to do so will void this warranty. At the time of purchase your tree or shrub is guaranteed to be in good health.

Warranty is honored with return of the dead plant and this warranty form with the original receipt issued at the time of purchase.

Store credit will be issued toward another plant up to the purchase price of the original plant. No cash refunds. The replacement plant will carry no warranty.

Roses – 6 Month Warranty from date of purchase

Fruits – 1 Year Warranty from date of purchase

Trees/Shrubs– Limited Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your home. Warranty does not transfer to new owner.

Not Covered Under Warranty:

  • Perennials, annuals & tropicals.
  • Tree/Shrub purchased at a discount for poor quality.
  • Tree/Shrub planted in above-ground containers.
  • Tree/Shrub never planted in the ground.
  • Plants affected by insects, disease and/or neglect after they left our store.
  • Plants planted with or adjacent to Black Walnut trees.
  • Plants brought inside used as Christmas trees.
  • Single specimen plant over $350.
  • Warranty replacement Tree/Shrub.
  • Topiary Trees or Shrubs.
  • Acts of Nature- drought, excessive rains, frost or freezing, accidents by nature or person, animal damage, etc. 

Pre-Planting Care:

Water newly purchased plants that are still in the container daily until planting time. Failure to do so will void this warranty. At the time of purchase, your tree or shrub is guaranteed to be in good health.

Planting Steps for Trees/Shrubs:

1. SITE: Site your plant as recommended on tag (sun, part sun, shade). Note mature size and leave ample room for plant growth. Do not plant under roof eaves as your plant will not receive adequate moisture.

2. DIG HOLE: Dig hole at least 2 to 3 times as wide and not quite as deep as the root ball of the plant. REMEMBER – WIDE and SHALLOW. (Fig. 1)

3. CHECK DRAINAGE: To determine drainage, fill hole with water. If water has not soaked out in 15 minutes, choose another site or follow instructions listed below for planting.

**See special instructions about Azaleas and Rhododendron

**FOR AZALEAS, RHODODENDRON, BLUEBERRIES, PIERIS, MOUNTAIN LAUREL, DOGWOOD, LEUCOTHOE, WHITE PINE, OR FOR ANY PLANT IN AREAS WHERE SOIL DOES NOT DRAIN WELL: Plant with root ball at least 1/4 out of ground, mounding amended soil up around the sides of the root ball.

4. AMEND YOUR BACKFILL: MIX TOGETHER: 1/3 to ½ soil amendments (like compost, soil conditioner or Lawn & Garden Mix) with 2/3 to ½ of existing native soil dug from hole. Mix in the Espoma Plantone® fertilizer received at time of plant purchase and refill hole with soil. Plant should be even with or slightly above the surrounding soil (never below). See special instructions for Azaleas/Rhododendrons above.

5. CONTAINER-RAISED PLANTS: Water plant before removing from container. Loosen root ball after removing from container by gently pulling or cutting roots apart. Don’t be afraid to do this – the roots will begin to grow better if loosened.

6. BALLED AND BURLAPPED PLANTS: Place plant in prepared hole, cut string, and then tuck burlap below soil level.

8. WATER: water newly-planted Tree/Shrub thoroughly and if settling occurs, add more soil if needed and water again. (Fig 3)

9. MULCH: The final position of the root ball should be 2-3” above the existing soil line. Mulch with 2-3” of mulch and keep mulch away from the trunk of the plant. (Fig. 4) Bring additional soil up to edge of raised root ball.


  • Using your common sense, water DEEPLY TWICE A WEEK for the entire first year. It takes 1-2 years for a plant to become established. Check before watering. If the ground is swampy, recheck in a couple of days. Deep watering to the BOTTOM of the root ball is key.
  • It is important that newly planted trees and shrubs receive ample moisture until established. Check for moisture by feeling soil near plant 3 or 4 times a week. Do not let root balls become dry. Use a soaker hose or a hose end on slow trickle, making sure the soil in the root ball of each plant is soaked to a depth of 3-4”. This needs to be the soil depth and not the depth of the mulch. Water is important in the wintertime, too.

When to fertilize: After the first growing season, we recommend a feeding of Espoma ® Fertilizer in the spring.