Organic gardening is kid-friendly, pet-friendly and planet friendly!

We think it is the safest way to garden and offer a full line of organic fertilizers, soil amendments, and organic pest solutions, plus larger bags of soil amendments and organic fertilizers, like Espoma and Symphony.

Many of our staff members garden organically and will be happy to lend advice when needed.

Please check our Live Organic Fertilizer Inventory to see what we have in stock, and what we are expecting to arrive very soon. Note that prices are subject to change, and the system cannot account for plants currently sitting on someone’s cart.

Some of our ORGANIC PRODUCTS include:

  • Dirtcraft, Fafard, and Happy Frog Potting Mixes
  • Coast Of Maine and Daddy Pete’s Compost
  • Espoma, Happy Frog, Down to Earth, and Symphony Organic Fertilizers
  • Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed Liquid Fertilizers
  • Greensand, Soft Rock Phosphate, Azomite, Lime and Bio Char
  • Peat Moss, Coir, Perlite, and Vermiculite
  • Vermicompost (Worm Castings)
  • Seedling Trays & Grow Lights
  • Row Cover in 3 Weights for Frost and Insect Protection
  • 8’ Fiberglass Rods to construct Winter Protection Tunnels
  • Heavy-duty Landscape Fabric
  • Organic Pest Solutions

Most gardening supplies can be found in our garden shop. Large bagged goods will be loaded from our amendment shed after checkout.