Stylish pots enhance your entryway, and bring pizazz to your patio & outdoor living areas by adding a pop of color and height to your container gardens. French farmhouse to modern terrace, our selection of glazed frost-resistant pottery comes in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Shop for the vibe that fits your taste and your home’s décor.

Terracotta clay pots are classic and never go out of style. They are available in a variety of sizes and should be protected from freezing over the winter.

Elegant contemporary plastic containers come in attractive matte-finish colors that are surprisingly versatile. They mix well with each other and with ceramic pots. In addition, we have a variety of plastic pots in other styles and sizes. Plastic pots weigh less, and are easier to handle when full of soil.


Your beautiful indoor plant needs a pot! Choosing a pot that accentuates your home décor – fun, fancy, or funky! You will find a nice variety of pot choices for houseplants and succulents in our pottery shed. Bonsai pots are grouped with our indoor pottery selection. Outdoor pottery and terracotta pots are suitable for houseplants too! Protect indoor pottery from freezing.