Start with a place to sit!

Create a garden destination where you can enjoy your flowers, the birds & butterflies, or a tasty evening cookout with friends and family. Our garden benches help you craft your outdoor space for family fun or peaceful contemplation.

Please check our Live Inventories to see what we have in stock, and what we are expecting to arrive very soon. Note that prices are subject to change, and the system cannot account for plants currently sitting on someone’s cart.

Invite nature to your garden with birdbaths and bird houses. Delight the senses with our garden spinners, wind chimes, copper rain chains, wall art, and more. 

A few well-placed objects make your garden more comfortable and charming – create an outdoor space where you love spending time.

Trellises and arbors add beauty and functionality to any garden setting. From dramatic Moon Gates to rustic plant spirals, it’s easy to add vertical interest and provide useful supports for climbing plants.