Clockwise: Red Maple, Dogwood, White Oak, Crape Myrtle

Trees are such an integral part of Western North Carolina’s beauty and natural appeal – it is hard to imagine our part of the world without the green that carpets our mountains.

Along with cooling our planet – trees in our home landscapes cheer us with spring flowers, cool us down in summertime, glow with glorious fall color, and add structure and bones to our winter landscapes.

Trees are the meadows of the sky providing large swaths of food for pollinators – especially in early spring. Have you ever listened to the bees buzzing in the maple trees in early spring or thought about the amount of pollen and nectar one poplar tree provides? Oak trees are super-supporters that provide food and shelter for more than 2300 species of wildlife including invertebrates, birds, and mammals.

Strategize where you can add trees in your yard – keeping in mind placement for cooling our homes and summer entertainment areas while avoiding electrical wires. We have lots of great choices currently available, and our tree inventory offers an array of beautiful options for additions to your home landscape. Our staff is happy to offer advice for your particular needs. Delivery is available!