Preparing Your Garden For Winter
At Reems Creek Nursery
Sat. Oct. 28, 2023
10 -11:30 am
With Dave Penland

Now that you’ve invested in your garden this spring, summer & fall, how should you prepare your new (and established) trees, shrubs and perennials for winter? Dave Penland will discuss step-by-step the do’s and don’ts for winter garden care, including pruning, fertilization, mulching, and more!

Dave Penland

About Dave Penland: Dave Penland is the current Green Goods Manager at Reems Creek Nursery and the son of Bill & Wilma Penland, founders of Reems Creek Nursery, Inc. Dave is a graduate of NC State and Appalachian State Universities and has 20+ years of experience working locally as a licensed landscape contractor. After his landscaping career, Dave taught 7 years of high school agriculture in Buncombe County before returning to Reems Creek Nursery this past year.