Grow Your Own Mushrooms:
Mushroom Log Cultivation and Care

Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, April 2
10-11 am
With Jesse Cerrato & Travis Hansen

Grow your own mushrooms!

From sterile mushroom cultivation, to open-air, low-cost techniques, we will discuss readily-available resources to create reliable and repeatable cultivation approaches. A healthy tree taken down in a storm can provide dozens of ‘bolts’ that certain mushroom varieties grow famously. Mulch inoculated with fungus creates beautiful, nutritious soil in no time. With a more thoughtful approach to agricultural and forestry waste streams, the focus of our class will be the “Why’s” and “How’s” of Mushroom Log Cultivation and Care.

This class includes reference materials to help select the appropriate mushroom culture based on wood available, as well as tips and tricks for plugging logs with sawdust spawn, and InfoGraphic Pamphlet, and discussion time.

Free, but you must pre-register.

Limited class size.

This workshop has already occurred.

About Jesse Cerrato: I’m Jesse Cerrato, Owner/Operator of Resting Point Farms and help lead our Arboriculture and Fungal Program. I received a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, hold 7+ years of experience in Microbiology, Mycology, Lab testing, and Experimental Design. An Asheville native, I have a love for both the garden and the skillet. I deeply enjoy cooking food I’ve grown myself, knowing what went into the process. Not only that, I strive for sustainability and regenerative growing/harvesting practices. We share our 2-acre farm, Resting Point Farms, with family and community. With an Edu-Permaculture based mindset, we’re working together to grow organic vegetables, eggs, and mushrooms, while sharing our collective experience with ourselves and others in need. Our farm is a constantly evolving model of these practices in motion, a living portrait of our way of life.

About Travis Hansen: I’m Travis Hansen, Resident Master Gardener and Arborist of Resting Point Farms, and help lead our Arboriculture and Fungal Program. I hold 15+ years of experience from the Tropics to the Subtropics, focusing heavily in Regenerative Agriculture, Grass-Roots Homestead Arbory, and Education through Thee Garden Alchemist. Together we can all get “plugged-in” and grow not only mushroom and mycelial networks, but also a salubrious community in the Blue Ridge Mountains.