Cold Frames keep your baby plants warm.

January Gardening Tips

It’s been cold and rainy this January – but we’ve also had bright spots that invited gardening outdoors. Get inspired and get it done now – so when the really pretty weather comes, you’ll have more time for fun in the garden. You can do a lot in January.

Dream up your new plans for this year’s garden – can you add more wildlife habitat, increase your curb appeal, sweeten up your entertainment areas, and design for plants that make you smile?


  • Plant trees, shrubs, and fruit as long as the ground isn’t frozen.
  • Plant cool season veggies in cold frames (lettuce, greens, spinach, radish).


  • Prune grape vines.
  • Dead and diseased wood may be pruned out at any time. If removing diseased wood, clean your pruners with alcohol between each cut.
  • Shade trees may be pruned if needed.
  • Trim liriope (monkey grass) and ornamental grasses.


  • Slow-release lawn fertilizer may be applied between September and the beginning of March. February is ideal.
  • If needed, apply slow-release fertilizer (like Plant-Tone) to shade trees.


  • Weed, then edge and mulch your flowerbeds (the crisp lines make all the difference!).
  • Buy your vegetable and flower seeds for this season. We have a great selection in stock.
  • Buy inspiring houseplants or flowers to brighten up your mood.
  • Be ready! Organize your seed starting supplies.