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Have some fun and get your creative juices flowing! Make a mini-garden, terrarium, or fairy garden. 

Basic Steps:

  1. Spread 1” of small gravel across the bottom of the container.
  2. Spread a thin layer of moist sphagnum moss over the layer of gravel.
  3. Add a few pieces of charcoal on top of the sphagnum moss. 
  4. Add 2-3” of potting mix. Use whatever type of potting mix is most appropriate for the plants. Tamp the soil down to reduce settling later.
  5. Choose an odd number of plants that will comfortably fit in the terrarium or container. Make sure the plants have similar light and water needs. Trim roots a little if needed. Tamp down the soil around the plants after planting.
  6. Carefully water your plants in, but not too heavily. You can always add more water, but if you add too much, you cannot easily remove it.
  7. If you have a container with a lid, cover top of the terrarium with the lid or clear glass plate.
  8. Enjoy your miniature biosphere!


  • Tape spoons or forks to long sticks / bamboo to use as tools.
  • Don’t fertilize much since you want the plants to stay small.
  • For terrariums, choose plants that like high humidity and low light – ferns are a great choice. If you want to plant succulents, choose a container with no top or lid.
  • Some plants, like maidenhair fern, prefer rainwater or distilled water as their water source.
  • If planting in an open top container, you will need to check the soil and water as needed. You can use your fingers, plain wooden chopsticks, or moisture meters to figure out when and how much to water

To print this out in PDF form see our Garden Guides page