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Creating a Pocket Meadow
With Lisa Wagner
Sat. May 16 from 10 – 11 AM plus Q&A

“Pocket” meadows of largely native plants provide an attractive, low-maintenance, and wildlife-friendly alternative to traditional perennial plantings, great for small-scale plantings around mailboxes, along driveways, or next to the back door.  Unlike larger meadow plantings, small, informal, and simply managed meadows can be tucked into a variety of spaces in private and public landscapes, providing habitat and sustenance for pollinators and other insects, as well as being attractive landscape additions.

About Lisa: Lisa Wagner served as Director of Education at the South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson University for over 20 years. A plant ecologist by background, she’s also a gardener, naturalist, writer, blogger, and educator. She does frequent presentations and classes on a variety of topics including native plants for pollinators, gardening for nature, hands-on perennials, and four-season vegetable gardening, now as a volunteer. She does landscape consultations to benefit programs at non-profits in the Carolinas, especially gardens. Her blog Natural Gardening reflects her gardening and nature experiences over the last decade.