Houseplant Love!
Bringing Houseplants Indoors – What You Need to Know 
At Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, Sept. 17, 2022
2-3 pm 
With Marie Elliott

Your houseplants are coming indoors soon. Learn the best practices for moving your plants inside – including examining them for pests and appropriate time to move them…plus proper lighting and grooming. We’ll also discuss maintenance of your plant babies during the cooler months. 

Bring your questions! We want you and your plants to be happy!

About Marie Elliott: A Georgia native, Marie Elliott’s extensive gardening experience started out at a produce market selling tropicals and annuals. During and after college, a ten-year stint at San Lorenzo Garden Center in Santa Cruz, CA significantly broadened her plant knowledge. Marie returned to the southeast and quickly added regional plant expertise, floral design, hydroponic growing, and aquaculture to her knowledge base. Since 2011, she has been at Reems Creek Nursery seasonally and in 2019 Marie joined the Management team at Reems Creek Nursery where she continues to love learning about all things plant-related. Marie enjoys gardening at home with the loving support of her husband Steve and adorable dog Petey.