June 6, 2022

Ladybugs can control pests naturally. 

Did you know? Each ladybug will eat 50 or more aphids per day. If they lay eggs on your plant, when the eggs hatch their larva will eat aphids with great enthusiasm too!

For best success with ladybugs: 

1) Refrigerate your ladybugs until you release them. 

2) Lightly mist them with water before placing them in the refrigerator. 

3) Before releasing them, lightly mist the plants you intend to release them on so they’ll have a drink of water right away.

4) Release them at dusk. They may fly away if released mid-day. 

5) Release them at the base of plants or in the lower branches. They will crawl up higher looking for aphids. 

6) Don’t release ladybugs onto plants that have been sprayed with an insecticide. Safer Soap or oils won’t leave a toxic residue, so they are ok once they have dried on the plant.

Don’t Kill them! Ladybug larvae are called aphid lions because they love eating aphids.

Ladybugs are available seasonally in our Garden Shop.