Sat. Dec. 7, 2019 from 10-11 am


With Kathrine Jost

Fun and fantasy are the key words for this workshop!

Create your own miniature rain forest or tiny desert! Terrariums have fascinated humankind ever since the Victorian Era, and terrariums continue to captivate our imaginations and bring delight! Kathrine will guide you through the fun process from beginning to end in our cozy Garden Shop. Bring your friend group, your best buddy, or your child. Give the experience as a Hanukkah or Christmas gift. $12 + tax per person includes soil, gravel, charcoal, moss, and decorative rocks for one project. All ages welcome! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

We have a great selection of terrarium plants, terrarium containers, fairies & gnomes, and fairy furniture available for purchase – plus we encourage you to scout your yard for other terrarium additions – pretty rocks, lichen, moss, bark, etc. Bring your own container or purchase one in our Garden Shop.

Choosing a container:  The container for your terrarium should be tall enough to accommodate a layer of gravel, charcoal, soil, and the plants – plus some breathing room for the plants at the top – a least 6” x 6”. Covered containers do best for tropical plants and require less maintenance. If your container does not have a lid, you can add a clear glass plate as a lid. Open containers work well for succulents because the atmosphere stays dryer – like the natural desert habitat of cacti. Your container sets the tone for the “vibe” of the terrarium.

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