Sept. 18, 2019

  1. Plant Grass. September is the very best month to plant cool-season grasses. Whether you are seeding a new lawn or overseeding bare spots in your existing lawn, seeding in September is optimal. Generally a blend of fescue a bluegrass is used.
  2. Fertilize Grass. Fertilize your cool-season grass in September, October or November with a slow release fertilizer. We have conventional & organic fertilizer options and organic starter fertilizer for lawns too!
  3. Lime? If you have not applied lime to your yard in the last few years, it’s time! We have dolomitic lime, hi-calcium lime, and fast acting lime. We have pH test kits for sale, and Cooperative Extension soil test boxes are available at the Garden Center on request.
  4. Water Regularly. Baby seedlings require more water initially – you don’t want them to dry up and wither. Keep them evenly moist while sprouting and newly sprouted. Lawns require one inch of water per week.