April 22, 2022

IT’S EARTH DAY and we are celebrating the beauty and wonder that plants bring to our planet and to our everyday lives!
Imagine a world without plants…that’s hard to do because we are surrounded by plants. Just look out the window and feast your eyes on something we usually take for granted.
Near and far plants are covering our planet. Plants are food. Plants are shelter. Plants provide habitat for pollinators, birds, and wildlife. Plants and nature replenish the human spirit in ways that are still being discovered.
This Earth Day, let yourself be captivated by the pure diversity of plants in your own back yard – from tiny mosses to gigantic trees – revel in the tapestry of colors and textures with all these plants contributing to life on our planet.
Next – add more beauty to your yard…to nurture your soul and nurture all of life too! “Plant it and they will come” creates a vibrant garden bursting with life. Whether at home, your kid’s school, or your office – celebrate Earth Day by planting something!