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Sat. June 13, 2020
from 10 – 11 AM
With Ruth Gonzalez

Planting a pollinator garden is easy. A few blooming plants and a water source will get you started. Every flower counts! First we’ll talk about the basics of pollinator gardening, why pollinator habitat is critical, and why native plants are so beneficial.

Next, we will take you through the steps to getting your pollinator garden certified with Bee City USA – Asheville. This local certification program offers 4 tiers of garden certification. You’ll only need six plants to get started and you can grow your habitat from there! We will take you through each certification level, talk about exciting plant choices and other habitat needs, and answer questions at the end. Join us and be part of the solution!

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Ruth Gonzalez is a former market farmer, organic gardener, and garden writer who sees pollinator habitat creation and organic practices as easily achievable ways we can all contribute to nurturing our planet, its creatures, and human health. Along with years of plant-nerding experience at Reems Creek Nursery, she also serves on the Bee City USA – Asheville Steering Committee.